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Category: Internet News

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Microsoft HoloLens Review – Bridging The Gap Between AR And VR

Toptal have posted a blog on Microsoft HoloLens Review – Bridging The Gap Between AR And VR Preview: Microsoft has a long tradition of spicing up relatively dull product announcements with compelling tech demos, and the Windows 10 announcement was no exception. The software giant used the opportunity to create a fair amount of buzz about the HoloLens, a futuristic headset that offers a glimpse into the future of Augmented Reality (AR). However, Microsoft also has a tradition of spectacular hardware flops, which peaked under the Ballmer regime. Remember the Kin phone? Neither do I. Read more:

House Speaker livestreams snowstorm with world’s worst soundtrack

During an election year, politics can get extra annoying. Opponents slamming each other on TV and Twitter. Donald Trump screaming “loser” every five minutes. So House Speaker Paul Ryan decided instead of trying to politicize the snowstorm hitting the…

Microsoft bundles 1TB Xbox One with ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’

Maybe you’ve been holding out on getting an Xbox One all this time because your subconscious has been waiting for this bundle. Whatever your reason is, this package is worth checking out if you’ve been looking to get both a 1TB version of the console…

Apple’s ad-supported iTunes Radio will go away at the end of January

iTunes Radio was Apple’s first foray into streaming music, but a pretty major change to the service is afoot — today, the company has started sending emails to customers saying that iTunes Radio will no longer be a free, ad-supported service for iTu…