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Oracle systematically underpaid thousands of women, lawsuit says

Class action alleges female workers were paid average of $13,000 less per year than men doing similar jobs

Thousands of women were systematically underpaid at Oracle, one of Silicon Valley’s largest corporations, according to a new class-action complaint that details claims of pervasive wage discrimination.

A lawsuit filed in California on Friday seeks to represent more than 4,200 women and alleges that female employees were paid on average $13,000 less per year than men doing similar work. An analysis of payroll data found disparities with an “extraordinarily high degree of statistical significance”, the complaint said. Women made 3.8% less in base salaries on average than men in the same job categories, 13.2% less in bonuses, and 33.1% less in stock value, it alleges.

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Tesla to cut more than 3,000 jobs because cars ‘still too expensive’

Elon Musk says he has no choice but to reduce electric car manufacturer’s headcount

Tesla is cutting more than 3,000 jobs, or 7% of its workforce, after experiencing a year its founder, Elon Musk, said was both its most challenging and most successful.

The chief executive of the electric car manufacturer told staff on Friday that “the road ahead is very difficult” because its products were not yet affordable for most people and it was up against a big incumbent industry.

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Facebook removes hundreds of pages ‘linked to Russian site’

Social network says it has taken down 289 pages connected to Kremlin-backed news websiteFacebook has removed hundreds of pages believed to be connected to the Kremlin-backed Sputnik news website for allegedly breaching its rules.The Facebook pages, whi…

Largest collection ever of breached data found

Store of 770m email addresses and passwords discovered after being put on hacking site

The largest collection of breached data in history has been discovered, comprising more than 770m email addresses and passwords posted to a popular hacking forum in mid-December.

The 87GB data dump was discovered by the security researcher Troy Hunt, who runs the Have I Been Pwned breach-notification service. Hunt, who called the upload Collection #1, said it was probably “made up of many different individual data breaches from literally thousands of different sources”, rather than representing a single hack of a very large service.

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Apple chief calls for laws to tackle ‘shadow economy’ of data firms

Tim Cook seeks competitive advantage over Google and Facebook with privacy push

Apple’s chief executive has called for regulation to tackle the “shadow economy” of data brokers – middlemen who trade in the personal data of largely unsuspecting consumers – as the company continues its push to be seen as privacy-positive.

Tim Cook, in an op-ed for Time Magazine published on Thursday, said: “one of the biggest challenges in protecting privacy is that many of the violations are invisible. For example, you might have bought a product from an online retailer – something most of us have done.

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Carlton and floss dances removed from Forza Horizon after Fortnite copyright claims

Playground Games drops ‘Carlton and Floss’ emotes from driving game as Epic faces fourth lawsuit for alleged Fortnite copyright infringement

Two dance moves that are the subject of lawsuits in the US have been removed from the driving game Forza Horizon 4.

The moves were among a series of dance “emotes” included in the latest instalment of the Forza Horizon series, after the huge popularity of similar dances in Fortnite.

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China accuses US of suppressing its high-tech companies

US said to be in ‘advanced’ stages of inquiry over alleged Huawei theft of trade secrets

China has accused the US of trying to suppress its high-tech companies, as US prosecutors reportedly investigate allegations that the company stole trade secrets from US businesses.

Adding to pressure on the Chinese telecom giant, US lawmakers have proposed a ban on selling US chips or components to the company.

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Shantay, you play: the drag queens of gaming

Video games and drag offer potent opportunities to play with identity. Four artists explore personas, avatars and cosplay, taking down trolls on Twitch and the power of Princess Peach

Drag in video games is often played for laughs – see 1997’s Final Fantasy VII, in which spiky-haired Cloud Strife dresses as a woman to deceive a gullible, misogynistic mafioso, or Alfred the “cross-dressing freak” from Resident Evil: Code Veronica – but drag and video games can be vectors of identity exploration and self-expression. Drag can involve trying on a persona by putting yourself in someone else’s heels, a subversive form of role-play – and what are video games if not role-play?

Gaming has potent power for many queer people, as a space to safely explore what it’s like to be other people (or to be ourselves). Hyper-feminine characters such as Princess Peach, D. Va and Bayonetta have become drag and cosplay icons. And drag queens are visible in many parts of the gaming community, from developers to Twitch streamers. Here, four queens explain how video games have influenced their drag.

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I got a phishing email that tried to blackmail me – what should I do?

Pauline received a spam message that looked like a sextortion or webcam scam

I got this email today. It says “I hacked your device, because I sent you this message from your account.” It goes on to claim that it has filmed me watching pornography, and demands $698 in bitcoin. Phishing? Pwned? What to do? Pauline

This is generally known either as “webcam blackmail” or “sextortion scam” and the email should have been diverted to your spam folder. Millions – perhaps billions – of similar emails have been sent over the years, but there seems to have been a flood of them over the past few months.

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